Wireframe Presentation Deck. Case Study

The goal of the project: present a new idea to stakeholders and to get their feedback

My Role: Product Designer


Data Catalog is aimed at building a comprehensive repository of metadata-rich data and integrated solutions to improve modeling productivity. CAT URI (cat://) is a more scalable and reliable solution for modelers. We propose a new CAT URI schema that provides extra benefits in organizing and discovering data sets.

User problems

Problem 1. Not descriptive: Currently CAT URI only supports cat://table/{ID} format, which is hard to remember and infer any information about the underlying data. When modelers are doing research, it’s hard to collaborate or communicate without extensive contexts given the obscure URIs of the imported data. Users would want to gain from the URI some basic information like what the data is about, which groups or individuals is the data associated with.

Problem 2. Hard to collaborate: Moreover, currently it’s inconvenient to collaborate within a team. It’s hard to impose permissions on multiple data sets or navigate the shared data within the team.

Problem 3. Hard to organize: Data Onboarding team needs a way to maintain and organize these onboarded data sets. The generic naming (cat://table/{ID}) adds confusions in the process. Modelers have specifically communicated dissatisfaction with this naming scheme.

Problem 4. Not discoverable: In some other cases, the onboarded data needs to be made more discoverable. Current CAT URI scheme lacks indexable contents for searching and hierarchical structure for browsing.

Ideating the Solution

User flow chart


Product Designer. One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested

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